About Me

I am an interactive user-interface, user-experience designer with over seven years of professional experience working with web, mobile, other interactive touch-screen devices. I fight for the users, develop awesome prototypes, and design the visuals to build apps that are both helpful and beautiful.

In 2012, I started my own business—Interactive Mechanics, an interactive user experience design firm that builds engaging, socially-conscious digital products for any platform.

I currently work for Azavea building web and mobile apps for educational institutions, local and federal governments, non-profits, and many others.

Interface & Experience

OpenTreeMap Cloud

OpenTreeMap is a collaborative web and mobile application for crowdsourced tree inventory and community engagement across multiple platforms. The product allows tree enthusiasts to create tree maps on a community or regional scale, and collaborate with other OpenTreeMap users to map their urban forest to view how trees improve our ecosystem.

A Ground-Up Redesign

OpenTreeMap's second generation was built with the spotlight on the user. With the focus on building an interface that was easy to navigate as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, OpenTreeMap brought several interesting interface and experience design challenges.

Many tree maps

The platform allows any user to create a tree map on the spot, allowing for hundreds and thousands of maps and millions of trees.

Building a community

The new system allows users to collaborate and compete, including a game-like system of badges, reputation, and events.

Better map interactions

OpenTreeMap put even more focus on the map page, making it easier for users to add, explore, and edit trees from a single place.

Complex Interface, Simple Experience

Redesigning OpenTreeMap was a complicated process. With dozens of workflows, types of users, and complicated features, the system had to be considered carefully to ensure a successful, useful, and easy-to-use product.

Marketing the New Platform

Creating an elegant and informative marketing presence was an important part of selling the new system. The marketing site aimed to showcase the product less as a technology product and more as a beautiful tool for Arborists and tree enthusiasts.