About Me

I am an interactive user-interface, user-experience designer with over seven years of professional experience working with web, mobile, other interactive touch-screen devices. I fight for the users, develop awesome prototypes, and design the visuals to build apps that are both helpful and beautiful.

In 2012, I started my own business—Interactive Mechanics, an interactive user experience design firm that builds engaging, socially-conscious digital products for any platform.

I currently work for Azavea building web and mobile apps for educational institutions, local and federal governments, non-profits, and many others.

Interface & Visuals

SFMOMA Gallery Game App

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, a leader in bringing technology and interactivity into their exhibit space, looked to expand on the existing interactive kiosks with an mobile game targeted to children and families. The Gallery Game app, built for iOS, combined physical activity with tasks aimed at engaging the users with the art in the museum.

Making a Children's Game

Designing an interactive experience that was fun for kids and adults was an unique challenge. After spending a thorough user experience process exploring board and video games, working with child user testers, and collaborating with SFMOMA on the flow of the game, the visual design of the application was crafted to be beautiful and engaging.

Iterate and Prototype

The app design process required a considerable amount of back-and-forth and paper prototyping to design the final interface and workflow.

Thinking like kids

While designing the game, it became important to create a system that was fun to play over and over again in many different museum spaces.

Giving you a goal

By giving kids in-game pieces to collect as you complete activities, you can also receive stickers and rewards when you leave the museum!