About Me

I am an interactive user-interface, user-experience designer with over seven years of professional experience working with web, mobile, other interactive touch-screen devices. I fight for the users, develop awesome prototypes, and design the visuals to build apps that are both helpful and beautiful.

In 2012, I started my own business—Interactive Mechanics, an interactive user experience design firm that builds engaging, socially-conscious digital products for any platform.

I currently work for Azavea building web and mobile apps for educational institutions, local and federal governments, non-profits, and many others.

Interface & Experience


By taking a user-focused design approach, ViZtools was built to provide North Jersey residents with useful demographic and regional information. The site allows users to quickly research, compare, and find areas of interest using easy to read visualizations and ratings based on key indicators.

Experience Design Process

ViZtools was the second iteration of a regional planning tool for both NJTPA analysts, stakeholders, and the general public. A major goal through this redesign was to focus on making data access and information as intuitive and simple as possible. We worked through a range of user experience activities with the client and users to help facilitate this goal.


Ranging from low-tech daily users looking for basic information about their area (or areas of interest) to decision-makers looking for fine-grain data, the personas helped develop several workflows.


To help understand the potential workflows users might take, sketches were used to help quickly iterate different directions with the client.


Static and interactive wireframes were built to allow the client and stakeholders to work through the application before any production code was written.

Visual Design

The visual design of the ViZtools site was a key component of the project. The design needed to be exciting and draw users in while keeping with the existing branding guidelines of NJTPA.

Secrets of the Silk Road Interactive Touch Display Overview
Secrets of the Silk Road Interactive Touch Display Overview
Secrets of the Silk Road Interactive Touch Display Overview

Quickly compare

Explore an individual area, or select up to three areas to quickly compare them across multiple factors.

Easy-to-read visuals

To cater to all users, each piece of data featured visualizations that made it easy to understand the metrics.

Find by interests

Based on a pre-defined rating system, each area could be filtered to allow users to find places of interest.